Saturday, May 16, 2009

welcome to our blog

I decided that since we've started telling people about the blog, we might as well post something on here. We graduated Thursday and are now the Master Cramers though I won't believe it until I actually see my diploma. This weekend we will be saying our farewells to Tucson which is a lot harder than I thought it would be, we've really had a wonderful two years here and made some amazing friends. Tuesday we start the trip to Ohio via the Grand Canyon, Moab, across Colorado, and then the not quite as exciting states of Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana. We'll be in Jefferson Saturday where we'll hang out for about a month minus our trip to Maine and other fun excursions including Niagara Falls. Then we'll head to Virginia and spend about a month there as well, take trips to NYC, Philly, Richmond, and possibly Chincoteague. Then, July 21st is our staging, probably in either Philly or DC though we won't find out until a month before that. We'll be on a plane out of here on July 23rd.

We're super excited for South Africa. We're ready to get out there, explore, and finally continue our Peace Corps experience. We probably won't update much more before we go, but we're hoping to be able to update pretty regularly while we're there.


  1. Hey, don't forget to send a mailing address. If you send one to me soon I might be able to send you a postcard from Tchad!

  2. Congratulations you guys... I am excited for you!
    Cousin Julie