Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dont worry becca hasnt gotten rid of me...yet

I grabbed a wild monkey by the tail.
Opening an old age home is a huge priority.
I realizes that the Steelers have a four percent chance of getting into the playoffs but I still believe.
Finally understands cricket but still doesnt “get it”
Is surprised that there not more statements like “That was a master piece of fielding by Alistair Cooke.” (starter for England Cricket team) are made especially because cricket can be 3 days long.
They call me mister Thabs.
Two words for tonight Crazy Games
My favorite part of the holiday season is watching 7 year olds with firecrackers throwing them at each other.
I have a pet frog named Omar.
I am convinced that Botswana is going to be exactly like South Africa.
Nobody reads this blog.
I am surprised that since so many people like Kenny Rogers and chicken that Kenny Rogers Roasters is not as ubiquitous as KFC.
I think President Obama should accept my invitation to visit me during the World Cup.
I want the rancheros and I want them bad.
That is what she said


  1. Not only do I read it, I subscribe to it in Google Reader!

    Your name came up during our Holiday Lunch yesterday...Erik (Your replacement) blamed you for leaving him a dirty office. Don't worry, I stuck up for you.



  2. I thought that no one was reading our blog as well, but then I installed Google Analytics and found that people we actually know only account for about 60% of the traffic we get.
    Hope Omar eats lots of skeeters for you.