Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a day of quotes

Things are a bit crazy in the village with ongoing water strikes in the municipality (we haven't had water in weeks...well we've had it for a few hours but I don't know that that counts and it is...or was...dirty because the processing plant has some sort of problem). The biggest effect that this has had on us is that the strikers are blocking the road in the next village and so the teachers that don't live in the village (about 80% of them) can't make it here and people can't leave to do shopping and such things. So despite or maybe because of the strike we had a day full of amusing quotes...

A girl is crying grade 4. Becca asks why, a boy explains "That boy is bullying her because her father is Zulu, he's not sensitive to her culture".

Our friend who works at the area office has discovered that the new large TV in the lobby is actually a computer. James asks what you can do on it. He says "you can add a printer!"

Sitting and chatting Becca mentions that "I saw the grossest poop today. It was a person poop, it was too big to be a child." James drops everything to go see it and says he can here the flies buzzing around it from 50 feet away.

James calls Telkom for our 90 year old neighbor. The women on the phone asks why his English is so good though he has a Sotho name. He says "Well I studied in America".

We are sitting and talking and for some reason Mma explains "I am like Simba, the little lion king", I can't for the life of me remember why. Later she says that it would "take two buses to transport Zuma's family" when we are talking about Obama and Zuma's impending (obviously, it's going to happen) visit to our house.

And now we are watching Manhunt (the reality show that searches for South Africa's manilest man so I'm sure we will hear another choice quote or four.)

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