Wednesday, April 28, 2010

summer, where did you go?

Unfortunately for us, South Afrika is not the land of endless summer. It has gotten cold, and we are not fans. Though we have plenty of blankets, it is hard to motivate yourself to leave the house when it's cold outside. Plus, we seem to have finally broken free of almost a week of constant rain and clouds. Combine that with being sick and it's definitely been icky. But the sun has found her way back out which makes the cold a lot more bearable. And I know by a lot of people's definitions, it's really not that cold, but it feels like it is to me.

Now that we're coming out of the haze that was the last few rainy, cold days, I'm realizing how much work I have to do. We're going to find out soon if we got funding for our camp during the World Cup holiday, and there's lots of preparations to do for that. I'm doing computer classes for the educators at my schools, my clubs, and I want to get the second library opened and in use in the next few weeks. James is also busy with clubs, library stuff, the camp, and more I'm probably forgetting.

Snakes seem to be a reoccuring theme in our lives which is a bit scary. We found some snake skin in the house but couldn't find a snake. These random boys we don't know showed up with a baby snake in a jar and asked us if we wanted to keep it as a pet. One of the principals said her niece saw a giant snake in their kitchen, but they searched the house and couldn't find one anywhere. Our middle school girl friend was out in the bush with her friend and got bit on the back by a snake. She got to the clinic quickly enough that she was fine. That plus all of the tall grass and mud from the recent inexplicable rainy season has me scared. Last night, I dreamt a giant snake was chasing me. The only consulation of the dream was that somehow it was in Zanzibar, and I was enjoying sitting on the beach there before the snake encounter. It's probably a lot warmer in Zanzibar...

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