Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mexican Hat

I would offer my throat to the wolf with the red roses. Why do you ask?

May Day, May 4th (of Kent state infamy), and Cinco de Mayo makes for a strange week.

Capetown is like the Outerbanks but with numerous financial institutions and French people.

I am willing to Early Terminate if and only if Steve Correl is leaving the office and I can take his place.

I forgot what it was like to huddle for warmth…I didn’t miss it.

I think that the Steelers and Browns should agree that Dennis Dixon and Antwaan Randle el and Seneca Wallace and Josh Cribbs should have to play every offensive down in their first meeting.

I just watched an Inconvenient Truth and fell asleep, took a break, played some baseball simulator 1.000, and then shut it off and that was in the first 30 minutes.

To answer the question I do miss America and not why you might think. Gary Busey on Celebrity Rehab is a crime to have to watch in reruns when I get back in a few years.

I am going have a sister and so finally I can play star wars properly, Matt was never a convincing Leia.

I am interested in how Marvel will actually make the leap from Tony Stark building some gadgets to Norse Mythology being real.

I had a dream last night that I got to tell my brother about the death of Ronnie James Dio and we had a long embrace.

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