Saturday, November 6, 2010


only one more day of this after today, yay! (I am really only continuing because I am stubborn, it's nowhere near as fun as I thought it would be)

5:45 - funerals start early so we get up early. quickly get dressed and eat and notice how incredibly messy the house is.
6:10 - off to the funeral, on the way see a lot of cars going the other direction (to another funeral) and wonder if they could possibly be on their way to the cemetary already.
6:40 - arrive to find out that the funeral hasn't even started yet (shocking) because of an issue with the funeral parlor and it's not going to start til 9. great, we have to be at the talent show at 9:30.
7:30 - the funeral starts (I guess 9 was just a guess). we are actually sitting where you can see (rare because we normally stand in the back) and it's a pretty difficult funeral. we did not know the guy, he was the cousin of one of my co-workers, but his friends are in tears talking about him.
8:40 - we sneak out because we have to stop back home before going to the talent show. too bad we stick out so just about everyone saw us leave early. there are lots of people there by this point, a few hundred and at least 50 cars. get a ride part of the way back from people who were anxious to go to the cemetary early. on the walk the rest of the way, see an old lady who is scared poopless of us. she crosses the street to get away from us and then stands there staring at us for 5 minutes as we continue walking.
9:00 - change clothes and get what we need for the talent show.
9:15 - walk to the talent show
9:40 - show up and help clean the hall.
10:00 - the show is supposed to start but the girl in charge has disappeared to get some stuff from her house. so we begin waiting
11:00 - get some fat cakes (beignets/friend dough) across the street. keep waiting.
11:30 - the teacher helping shows up. we think things will start. keep waiting.
11:45 - the teacher and girl in charge go away somewhere. keep waiting. play with some kids.
12:15 - they have a microphone. can we start? james falls asleep.
12:40 - actually start. james takes pictures, i judge the acts.
3:30 - it's over and we head home, getting a ride part of the way from one of the other judges and her NGO.
3:45 - our house is dirty. start cleaning.
5:45 - finally time to relax. there will be dinner, leftover cake, and tv. how long can we stay awake tonight?

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