Tuesday, November 2, 2010


5:45 – Again the sun wakes me up
6:30 – Get up, dishes, Morvite, make lunch because we've got bread, and ready to go to school
7:30 – Walk to school
8:00 – Arrive at school (this one is a bit farther away than the other) and talk to the principal about plans to apply for a grant to do some rainwater collection
8:05 – Attempt to do computer class with the one teacher who still wants to but attempt is thwarted because the principal didn't bring the USB modem today and the teacher wants to learn how to use the internet.
8:15 – Copy and distribute applications for our spring camp to all the kids in 4-6th grade. They get very excited when they hear there is going to be a sleepover, campfire, braai (bbq), AND talent show. I wish more could come.
9:30 – Stop by James' school across the street and we head over to the youth centre to talk to the manager about her plan to start feeding orphans and vulnerable children after school, promise to do more research on funders.
10:30 – Back at school, head into the library and start eating my lunch
10:45 – Young librarians (library assistants in grade 5 and 6) show up and we get the grade R (kindergarten) kids. They read to them, then the grade 1 kids. 30 minutes a class. Then grade 5 comes and I try to encourage them to read things that are not intended for grade R. An argument ensues over the extremely difficult 12 piece jigsaw puzzle that 8 boys are trying to put together at once. I make them put it away.
12:15 – Finally some time in the computer lab to work on proposals for the rainwater and borehole (well) projects.
1:05 – Leave early with James and one of the camp organizers to go ask the owner of a local bottle store (selling liquor, beer, and soda) for a donation. She's going to get back to us.
2:30 – Make it home. Snack time. Read for a while. Get talked into watching a movie (Mma is gone so it means we can watch whatever we want on the satellite tv.)
5:45 – Feel like I've been lazy so time for some gardening and laundry.
6:00 – Men show up to talk to James about the sports ground project. We have to help them fix their business plan by Friday, that will be fun. I continue pulling weeds. A neighbor shows up with an invitation for a tombstone unveiling in December. Our social calendar is getting too full.
7:15 – Super itchy from gardening (I find a nice bite from who knows what) so it's bath time.
7:30 – Sit down to watch last night's Monday night football but I'm already falling asleep so I come back to our house and end up watching a creepy documentary about a boy who murdered his classmate because he owed him 5 rand (less than $1).

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