Monday, November 1, 2010

a week in the life

One of our PCV friends did a series of posts last week about how she spent each day for the week so I thought, why not try it too. Hopefully, if anyone actually still reads our blog, it will be exciting for you to see more regular updates. If it's boring, sorry. Let's see if I can keep this up :)

5:45 – Woke up because it is already light outside at this time. Luckily I'm good at falling back asleep.
6:45 – Got up, washed dishes, had some Morvite (instant sorghum porridge), checked fantasy football scores (I had a good week, James not so much), cleaned the house a little, lamented that we had no bread to make sandwiches since we ate it all last night since the power was out and we couldn't cook dinner.
8:00 – Left for school.
8:05 – Arrived at school in the midst of assembly where I'm pretty sure the teachers were telling the children to check themselves for head lice. Hopefully I don't have head lice. Said hi to some of the teachers and headed to the computer lab to work on the layout for our second issue of the magazine. The kids asked if they could come in the computer lab to finish typing their articles so spent the morning alternating between helping them and trying to work on putting it all together. Finally kicked the kids out because they were on Encarta and not typing their articles and said they couldn't come back after lunch.
11:45 – Ate some split peas and mealie rice. Happy that the school lunch wasn't fish today so I could actually eat something.
12:00 – More magazine. Worked on the agenda for camp meeting and application form. A lot quiter now. Helped the AA with expenditure tracking for school lunch purchases.
1:30 – Headed towards the camp meeting. Hot and sweaty outside.
2:00 – Printed out stuff for the camp meeting at the middle school since we were out of ink at the primary school.
2:30 – Meeting started on time miraculously, but not until we had finished discussing why people would break up after dating for 7 years.
3:30 – Headed home, not quite as hot as before, bought some bread.
4:00 – Hung out reading and doing crosswords.
6:30 – Realized it was late and started making dinner.
7:30 – Dinner and TV time until I get too sleepy.

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